Shedding got you down?

How to care for Double coats

Let’s talk fur.

A dog’s double coat is made up of a glossy outer coat and dull, soft undercoat. A few examples of double-coated dogs are German Shepherds, Pomeranians, Chows, Huskies, Malamutes, and Samoyeds.

Double-coats, also known as down-hairs, ground-hairs, or undercoats, are the very fine, fluffy hairs closest to the skin. The hairis short and crimped, which makes it highly effective at trapping air and preservingyour dog’s body temperature. This keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In the winter,a double coat keeps a dog warm by trapping body his body heat. In the summer, the double coat protects the dog’s skin from the sun and hot air.

Keeping your dog’s coat healthy by removing dead undercoat is vital to a functioning coat and healthy skin. When a dog’s undercoat is not properly brushed out, the coat will not be able to function at peak performance.Mats and thick undercoatsdo not allow for warming in the winter or cooling in the summer because the air can no longer circulate throughout the coat closest to the skin. When a heavy undercoatis impacted (densely packed with dead hair), it will retain moister and form mats, creating a “wet blanket”effect – the perfect environment for fungus and bacteria.Yuck! When your dog’s coatis impacted,the haircan tighten to the skin and make moving freely uncomfortable.

Double-coated dogs are not designed to be shaved. The coat is regulated by a six-week cycle. When shaved,some of the follicles may be compromised and the coat may not grow back the same.

Well, what does that mean?

Your dog’s coat may not grow back. It may grow back in patches or in different colors. Sometimes, shaving a double coat damages the outer shiny layer of fur, and the coat grows back looking dull.

It could also result in a loss of protection from environmental factors and your dog may even have personality changes from feeling naked or embarrassed.

We understand that some of our clients must shave their dogs for various health concerns. But, if you would like to reduce shedding and keep your pet in its breed-standard look, read on!

How can you reduce shedding by 60%?!

De-Shed services are a great way to reduce shedding and maintain ahealthy, beautiful coat. Double-coated dogs can have close to 30 hairs in one follicle, each shedding on a different cycle. Double coats shed on a 6-week cycle.This means that capturing all these hairs at once is impossible, and if it were, your dog would have no hair!

For best results, regular de-shed treatments should be done on a 6-week schedule to correspond with natural shedding. With regular visits to Cali Petsyou could see up to 60% reduction in shedding after just 3 visits. Your dog will look and feel great all the time!

What is a De-Shed service?

A De-Shed service uses a special shampoo and conditioner designed to open your dog’s hair follicles and remove the dead fur. Upon opening the follicles, high velocity blow dryers are used to blast the dead, loose hair out of coat. This is very messy, good thing it happens in the salon and not at your house! Think “snow globe” made entirely of your dog’s coat.

Once your dog is dry, he or she will be brushed with tools designed to remove the dead undercoat. It is normal for your dog to continue shedding for 24 hours after this service while the follicles are still open. After the De-shed service, shedding should be greatly reduced for about 6 weeks, until the next cycle of undercoat dies and begins to shed.


Fueling Your Furry Friend

Fueling Your Furry Friend

The Importance of Balanced Diets for Dogs.

As responsible pet owners, we strive to provide the best care for our furry companions. One crucial aspect of their overall well-being is their diet. Just like humans, dogs require a balanced and nutritious diet to thrive and lead healthy lives. Let’s explore the significance of a balanced diet for dogs to ensure your four-legged friends receive optimal nutrition.

Why is a Balanced Diet Important for Dogs?

A balanced diet plays a vital role in maintaining your dog’s overall health, longevity, and quality of life. Here are some key reasons why a balanced diet is crucial for dogs:

  1. Essential Nutrient Intake: Dogs require a range of essential nutrients, including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals, to support their bodily functions, growth, and repair.
  2. Weight Management: Obesity in dogs can lead to various health issues, such as joint problems, heart disease, and diabetes. A balanced diet helps maintain an optimal weight, ensuring your dog stays slim and able to exercise.
  3. Digestive Health: A well-balanced diet promotes a healthy digestive system, reducing the risk of gastrointestinal problems, such as constipation or diarrhea.
  4. Strong Immune System: Adequate nutrition strengthens your dog’s immune system, making them more resistant to illnesses and infections.
  5. Healthy Skin and Coat: Proper nutrition contributes to a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Cali Pets has a great selection of the best pet food, treats and supplements available. Our team can answer questions regarding the best foods, treats and supplements to keep your pet looking and feeling their very best.

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