About Cali Pets.

At Cali Pets, grooming is our passion and art form. We believe in creating a fun and relaxed environment for pets, offering cage-free grooming as well as a few comfy kennels for those who aren’t as social. In addition to offering both show-quality and pet-styled grooming, our Stylists are also Pet CPR Certified and AKC Safety Certified, ensuring that your pet is left in the best hands possible.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the utmost of care to both the client and their pets.  We make a concerted effort to listen and respond to the needs and concerns of our clientele. We take into full consideration the client’s requests; however, the animal’s well-being, treatment, and health always come first.

Our Vision

Respect the bond between people and pets. We recognize that all of our pets share emotions. They feel pleasure, pain, fear, anxiety, happiness, and sadness. Although we take pleasure in the relationships we build with our pets, we consider the effects we have upon them for their benefit, both mentally and physically.

Want to become a professional dog groomer? Cali Pets Grooming Academy is the best in San Diego

Learn gentle grooming skills! Cali Pets’ multi-sensory Certified Pet Grooming Program provides a strong foundation of the essential techniques, methods and gentle grooming behaviors that will protect the pet being groomed and create a more relaxed grooming experience overall.

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Our Team

We are the best dog groomers in San Diego and we love your animals.
Kenya Estrada
Professional Pet Stylist
Nora Beltran
Professional Pet Stylist
Ashley Moore
Professional Bather - Pet Stylist Intern
Lori Ferdman
Senior Pet Stylist/Mentor
Tracy Downing
Owner and Instructor
Cody Schmieding
Cody Schmieding
EQyss Distribution and Sales
Mercedes Schmieding
Mercedes Schmieding
Senior Pet Stylist/Mentor

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Payton has been grooming my Australian Shepherd Acaida for 1 year now and I absolutely love her work! She is so kind and patient with my energetic pup and she really takes her time making sure Acaida looks great. My dog always smells amazing and her cut really lasts between grooms! I highly recommend Payton!

Sabrina Lundquist

Cali Pets is dedicated to a fun, healthy, and safe environment for crazy dog-lovers and their most important kids! It doesn’t stop with average or good – Bring on your specialty breeds! These are poodle, portie, terrier and more SPECIALISTS!

Linnea Westlake

My dogs and I have been with Tracy for several years now and we love her to death. My two yorkies have never looked so good since we have been going to Tracy. She is compassionate at what she does and she loves your dogs like her own.

Tina Gillespie

I always take my dog Chewie to get groomed by Mara, and I will continue to do so for as long as he needs grooming. She does an amazing job every time and I suggest her to all of my friends as well. Our dog can be very shy and easily scared, but she always calms him down and keeps him happy.

Jeff Hopkins

I have a 10 year old Standard poodle and have been searching for the right groomer forever. At the advice of a friend we tried Tracy and I am so happy! She is a kind and considerate groomer and does an amazing job every time. She is very knowledgeable and my dog looks amazing and is always happy to see her. I highly recommend Tracy.

Deborah Davies

All Natural Products

All natural, soap free shampoo and conditioner manufactured by local Carlsbad company EQyss.

Professional Service Guaranteed

All groomers and bathers are AKC Safety certified and Pet CPR certified to ensure your family member is in the very best hands.

Safe and Clean Environment

We are proud to be the first AKC Safe Salon in San Diego! We take great care to make sure our salon is always clean and safe.

Friendly, Educated Staff

Cali Pet Pros are some of the best in the industry! We travel around the country keeping up our skills and education in order to provide our customers with the very best knowledge and care.

Custom Services

Our stylists offer creative grooming, color, show trims, and more! Check our bios to find a stylist to satisfy your grooming needs.

Our Customers

We strive to make every customer and pet feel like a part of our Cali Pets family! We love our clients and want to give them the absolute best care possible.